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the halfbloods: we're like a band, except not

Fans of Halfblood_RPG @ Greatestjournal
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Feel free to join if you're either a fan or member of Half-Blood RPG, a 6th year canon game directly following the events of the book. Tired of games with a plot that's about as canonical as Draco in leather trousers? This, my friends, just might be what you've been waiting for. It's a wonderful good time both for the major characters (of whom we get to see the inner workings) as well as catching a glimpse of what went on for the rest of Hogwarts during that fated year.

Post here to share any fanworks that relate to the game, squee about certain characters or aspects of the game, or talk about what you had for breakfast. I don't really care. Player hating, however, is not on, and I will have to hit you with the Ban Stick.

Your resident dictator over here is luxuria, but the kind and benevolent moderators of the game itself are cherrydilemma, eronn_actually, and spiffariffic. Know them. Love them. Worship them.

Also recommended: got_the_fever

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